Vocal Coaching with Katie Wise- For adults and advanced Teens

Currently over Zoom or Skype


Join me in a powerful learning relationship.  Learn to sing, speak, and live more fully through  private voice coaching.

  • Open up the power in your speaking or singing voice

  • Learn better vocal technique to prevent fatigue and strain (and uncover the patterns leading to strain)

  • Create more emotional freedom in your life, through the portal of your voice

  • Improve the strength and health of your vocal chords, while increasing vocal range

  • Find more resonance, tone, pitch, power, dynamics and subtlety in your singing and speaking

  • Open to songwriting, connecting with your muse, and creating your own songs and sacred music

  • Develop yourself as a musician or public speaker

My voice studio is nestled cosily into my house, surrounded by open space in East Boulder/Lafayette. For now, during Covid-19, all my students work with me virtually through Skype or Zoom.  Coaching sessions  include exercises to open breath capacity, nourishing practices like toning and sound healing, and technical skills to create more powerful singing technique.. I work with the whole performer, taking a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to each student. We bring a lot of wonder and curiosity to the journey of being a musician, songwriter, or public speaker.  I help dismantle  perfectionism, self-doubt, stage fright.  Together we clear things that get in the way of joyfully sharing our selves through our voices! What does it take to create a life as an artist?  How do we navigate the ups and downs of sharing so vulnerably?  We also look at voice and impact in the world. We dismantle unconscious commitments around voice, and help you step into the life you deserve.  I have a full sound system and in-home recording studio, for students who are interested in working with singing for stage, band leadership, or recording professionally.  I work gently but powerfully.   I also offer small group classes throughout the year for those looking to dive a little deeper.  (see Vocal Transformation)  Reach out to see if we might be a fit for working together.

MONTHLY RATES FOR ADULTS (16 and older):       60 min

  • ONE LESSON      $180/month     ($180/session)

  • TWO LESSONS   $300/month    ($150/session)

MONTHLY RATES FOR TEENS (ages 11-16)​     40 min

  • ONE LESSON       $120/month    ($120/session)

  • TWO LESSONS    $200/month   ($100/session)


At this time, I only take students interested in a three month commitment minimum.    


I look forward to creating a space for you and your voice to deeply heal and play.  So much joy and vitality come from opening up your voice. ​

Katie Wise


A longtime musician and classical pianist and singer, Katie Wise has a BA in Theatre Performance from Scripps College/Pomona College, and a Certificate from the London Dramatic Academy.  She was a regular in the LA comedy scene and California Reperatory theaters, and voiceover artist, including four years as the voice of Jenny Craig commercials in all markets. Now, as a Kirtan Artist and Voice coach, she creates Kirtan events regularly with her band Bhakti Explosion in the Boulder, CO area, and has performed at sacred music festivals all over the US & internationally - including BhaktiFest, Arise, Hanuman, Mt. Shasta, Sister Winds, Florida Flow Fest, Lovelight and Tribal Visions, Unify and Holistic Manchester.  After crowd-funding $30,000, she completed her first album with grammy nominated producer, Ben Leinbach,  Her work and music have been featured by Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Kindred Spirit (UK), Soul Traveler Radio (AU), and NPR.


Pictured: Katie's Voice studio in East Boulder County

Testimonial from student Jenny Shawhan


“I often joke fondly as I refer to Katie as “my woo-woo voice teacher who is ruining my life”. What I mean by that is this - From day one, she had the keen awareness to not only cue into what was really happening for me, but help me create a new commitment to myself that has been radically transforming my life ever since.


What I needed was beyond the technical voice training I’d already received over the years honing my craft as a vocal performance major and a professional musician. I needed to go deeper into my core beliefs and the basis for my decision making. No matter what you’re looking for, Katie has a vast tool kit to resource any type of artist, imagine her as “the Mary Poppins” of voice”.  Katie’s studio is alive with a spiritual, mindful, and intelligent focus. 


If anyone on the planet has a voice that longs to be heard, or could use support to fully express and find that voice, Katie is your teacher.  She is very present in each moment with her students and her whole bodied approach allows everyone to be celebrated and to take inspired creative action."