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HypnoMama (Hypnosis Audio Program)

Currently being offered by Donation, to help support mamas and families during these challenging times.  

Welcome to Hypnomama - the birth hypnosis program that really works. Let Katie's soothing voice, and her expertise about labor and childbirth, guide you through your labor. 


Planning a medication free birth?  Want support to make that possible in any setting? This simple program can be done on your own at home. Train your subconscious mind to surrender and trust your body during birth.  Train your partner to guide you compassionately through surges during labor.

Katie Wise, E-RYT, RPYT, CD (certified doula), acted for over a decade as a prenatal, mommy and me, family and children’s yoga teacher, childbirth educator and birth advocate. She attended hundreds of births as a doula, and taught thousands of couples how to give birth safely and naturally.


She was the owner and founder of Yo Mama Yoga and Family Centers, having trained with Gurmukh Khalsa, Saul David Raye, Chuck Miller and many more.  Her work and writing have been featured in “Whole Life Times,” “Yogi Times,” “Los Angeles Daily News,” “Special Delivery,” The Sun Magazine, the Listen to Your Mother Anthology, and NPR.  She is the host of the Mother’s Advocate “Healthy Birth Your Way: 6 Steps to a Safer Birth” video series, and is proud mama of two.

Expectant Couple

Instructions: The first four tracks are to prepare you for birth.  Listen to each track daily for one week before moving on to the next one.  Begin around 33 weeks.

tracks five and six are for labor:  track five cues you surge (contraction) by surge, as a doula would.  Track six is meant to play in the background, on repeat.

DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING, or doing anything that requires your full attention.

"Being on the the other side of labor and delivery now, I have to express my awe and gratitude for what my body, as a woman, was capable of accomplishing. Thank you, Katie, that you put together the Hypnomama mp3's. Putting those on repeat on my iPod throughout the first night of labor was what set the tone for my zen space and ability to maintain focus during the rest of the labor and delivery process." ~ Kristen


"THANK YOU so much for your help in creating the birth we wanted for our son. Our birth was med-free, clocked at about 8 hours total, and was expertly stewarded by Hypnomama and my well-educated husband who knew how to care for me during surges." ~ Andria

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Stream a four-part micro-series of educational videos for expecting mamas, including a short series of prenatal yoga postures you can do every day to improve your readiness for labor and childbirth.