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Conscious Music in Colorado

Our meditation teacher, Yashoda Devi Ma, once remarked that while the ocean can be a space of profound healing, spiritual seekers classically travel to the mountains to attain enlightenment.

There is something special indeed about the rarified air in Colorado.

I had never heard of Boulder, Colorado before meeting Katie. We had both soaked up a lot of good vibes from the California ocean over the course of fifteen years, and she wasn't sure about moving back to her home town. But now, looking back after ten years, we can barely imagine having rooted down anywhere else but Colorado.

It seems a lot of other conscious musicians are getting magnetized here as well.

Seattle has been long-considered unique as a cohesive musical mecca (of alt-rock in particular). It's my belief that Boulder is the musical center of a blossoming sacred and conscious music scene, with impacts rippling out across the globe. Say what you will about the cultural bubble of Boulder. I personally am inspired by the unique cross-pollination of cultures here: the spiritual neo-hippies and outdoor adventure lovers infect the high-tech entrepreneurs, and vice-versa. The folks building Google's new products are singing mantra and blissing out.

I believe something magical is brewing here in the mountains. And it's not just the world-class craft beer.

The magic that's brewing in Colorado is a special brand of "conscious music." Conscious music elevates our consciousness. It wakes us up, lifts us, and hearkens to sacred activism, acts of love, connection to nature, spiritual evolution, mindfulness, self-actualization. It may challenge us, or its beauty may simply bring us joy.

Why would you listen to -- or sing along with -- anything else?

Colorado-brewed conscious music has a certain flavor from the land and history here. The mountains and the rivers infect the musicians with a certain vibration. I could try and say more, but music is so much more than what can be said about it.

Please enjoy this is Spotify sampler of high-vibration artists who call Colorado home:

(Follow/Save it so it stays in your list of playlists, and then Share it so your friends can hear what's happening up here in the Rockies. And join our Facebook group to stay informed about related events in the region!)

Visit for more inspired playlists.

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