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Inspired Birth


The next level of childbirth education


Dynamic, fun, and experiential.

I originally created Yo Mama’s Inspired Birth as a childbirth class for my doula clients. I was tired of seeing women have to choose a childbirth class with a singular method. Some methods had great exercises, some had tons of grounded information, and others focused on a specific hypnosis techniques that may not work for all mamas. And many classes seemed to increase a couple's fears. Yo Mama’s Inspired Birth has something for everyone, and affirms birth as a natural, normal, and sacred event.

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This 5 week experiential, fun, and active childbirth class combines the best of other well-loved courses.  Connect with your partner, create community, and get ready for a wonderful birth experience  in any setting be it home, hospital, or birth center.


Highlights of this class include:
- Hands-on practice in every class
- Fun, inviting approach, inclusive to to all families
- Dynamic exercises to bring clarity to your vision for labor

- Comprehensive textbook

- Complete Hypnosis program- Hypnomama!
- Healthy Pregnancy, empowered birth, and healthy postpartum


Investment: $350


The 6th class (the following thursday after the last class) is an official make-up and will only be used in the event of class cancellation.  Please plan your schedule to be open for all dates.

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