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Treating your intimate relationships as spiritual and devotional practice is a powerful way to open the heart to greater intimacy.


The idea of "devotion" to a romantic partner is sometimes tossed around, as simply meaning love or loyalty. But there is real potency to harnessing the spiritual meaning of Devotion (as in religious worship), with respect to our earthly mate. Because, after all, our partner is God, just as we are God. Most of us have trouble accessing that place of Devotion for the divinity

of our imperfect, earthly partner. 


This playshop will help you open up your heart fully to being in a devotional relationship by weaving together romantic love with the "bhakti" yoga practice of Divine love.


Join Boulder's own conscious music pioneer Katie Wise, and her beloved John Hoelle, for an hour of stories, singing, and practices designed to open the heart, clear obstacles to expressing devotion, and invite divine energy (complete with laughter and play) into your relationships.

All are welcome- those that are happily coupled who want to explore an even more devotional union, couples who are struggling, those who are single, those for whom 'it's complicated," and of course same sex and alternative relationships.

Katie Wise is a nationally-known vocal coach and recording artist. 

John Hoelle is a family attorney and mediator with 20 years of personal experience in the trenches of marriage, divorce, and fatherhood.

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with Katie Wise + John Hoelle

Contact us to schedule this offering in your community

or alongside a Bhakti Explosion engagement.

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