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Sacred and Sexy Weekend for Couples


with Katie Wise + John Hoelle

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From Friday night through Sunday morning, you and your beloved will soak in the relationship wisdom of the great teachers, in heart-centered yogic practices, and participate in exercises proven to open up new thinking, help release old patterns, and tap into your most deep inner knowing in order to cultivate your most open-hearted, devotional partnership. 

We will cultivate your ability to open up fully, together, into a devotional relationship, through:


  • Exploring Relationship as a Spiritual Practice

  • Cacao Ceremony and Chanting/Kirtan to Open the Heart more fully to Receive and Give Love

  • Exercises to Clear Devotional Blocks, Develop Sacred Leadership, Transmute Emotional Triggers into Blessings, Surrender to What Is, and more

  • Partner Yoga to Move Energy

  • Improv Games to Discover and Embody your New Love “Story”

  • Inviting Creativity and Play into your Relationship

  • Calling in Divine Energy to Enrich your Sexuality

  • Refining Communication to "unarguable truth"

  • Personal Coaching and Mediation to clear up Toxic Issues

  • Receiving/Giving Blessings​

Through this work, you will open up to the possibility of a more Sacred Union that is, at the same time, more playful, sexy, supportive, stable, adventurous, and easy.

Cost includes two overnights in luxury private bedrooms, gourmet biodynamic meals prepared by the SunMountain Center chef with ingredients sourced on site, access to cedar mineral hot tubs, and the beautiful natural land around Manitou Springs.


Next retreat:


Same sex and alternative relationships welcome!


About the presenters:

Katie Wise is a nationally-known prenatal yoga teacher trainer, childbirth educator, and musician. Her debut album, "Lovolution," soothes the soul and uplifts the spirit with sacred mantra, classic rock, and a little dose of chick power. Katie is the founder of Yo Mama Yoga and Family Centers, and her work and writing have been featured in Yogi Times, Special Delivery, The Sun Magazine, Listen to Your Mother (Anthology), and on National Public Radio. Katie is proud mama of two, and loves bringing embodiment practices to serve all stages of the woman's journey. More

John Hoelle is a family attorney and relationship mediator with over 20 years of personal experience in the trenches of marriage, divorce, and fatherhood. His passion is helping people create truly joyful and supportive life partnerships, with coaching and mediation, and he is the co-author of the bestselling book The Collaborative Divorce Advantage. When not wrestling with his kids or working with couples through his business Conscious Family Law & Mediation, he pursues a personal practice of meditation and yoga, and plays music alongside Katie. More at

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or alongside a Bhakti Explosion engagement.

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