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Voice Lessons with Katie Wise

Over Skype or in LAFAYETTE, CO


Join Katie in a powerful learning relationship.  Learn to sing, speak, and live more fully through  private voice coaching.


  • Open up your speaking or singing voice

  • Learn better vocal technique

  • Learn to take care of your voice and improve the strength and health

  • Break through blockages in your singing or speaking voice

  • Find resonace, tone, pitch and power

  • The dieties and how they relate to Kirtan

  • Putting together events, and where to begin

Katie Wise


A longtime musician and classicly trained pianist and singer, Katie Wise has a BA in Theatre Performance from Scripps College in Claremont, CA, studied in London, and performed regularly in the LA area and California Reperatory theaters for many years.  She had a robust voice over career in LA, including four years as the voice of Jenny Craig commercials. Now, as a yoga teacher, and Kirtan Artist she performs regulary with her band Bhakti Explosion in the Boulder, CO area, and has played muliple festivals (Mt. Shasta, Sister Winds, Florida Flow Fest, Tribal Visions, Hanuman).  She is currently recording her first album with grammy nominated producer, Ben Leinbach.


Pictured to the left: Katie's studio at Nyland Co-housing Community in Lafayette, CO.

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