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"What a memorable experience... I reached states of ecstasy that I have only rarely felt in my lifetime. The bliss we shared as all of us chanted together proved to be a mind-altering substance like no other! 

"A deeply spiritual ritual of compassionate renewal and light.  You are a remarkable channel of loving kindness"

"Katie, John and their band took it to the moon- and back!"

"Bhakti Explosion is a pinnacle of positive energy and illumination! I can't imagine anything more successful than all you have created! What a gift to us all! Shine on with sparkles kissing the universe."

"I wanted to thank you all for giving me mantras to keep in mind and heart, and a new strength to hold onto. Your music is transcendent in its sound and depth. It was beautiful and it is helping me through a time of difficulty. You're amazing people. The CD is rolling through my thoughts and I wake up with the sounds and creations your group manifests."

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