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Katie Wise + Bhakti Explosion

Katie Wise + Bhakti Explosion is a Colorado-based kirtan band fusing heart-opening mantra with contemporary folk.

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Praise for debut album "Lovolution"

Beautifully nuanced country and Americana influences, inflected with just the right amount of Eastern mysticism. Katie's vocals are exquisitely textured, simultaneously vulnerable and powerful. I'd be happy to sing with her anytime!

Dave Stringer

Grammy Nominated Producer, composer, and international Kirtan Artist

Katie Wise is a fresh and exciting new voice in the mantra music genre. She is destined to become a solid force for those who look to their music for peace, heart, groove, and spiritual inspiration.

David Newman

(sacred chant master, singer/songwriter, inspirational teacher)

You gotta love Katie Wise! She is one rockin' mantra music artist who is unabashedly and unapologetically herself.  Look out world, there is a Lovolution going on and it's coming to take you away!


(founder of Spirit Voyage Records and world devotional music pioneer)

Lovolution combines lovely melodies and instrumentation with a commercial voice you will want to listen to over and over!


Author, musician, teacher, sound healer

The music on Lovolution deftly weaves a rich array of contemporary grooves, world music flavors, and lush vocal arrangements while keeping the sacred heart of devotion alive through every song. Fans of both traditional and modern Kirtan music will find lots to enjoy here, 


(celebrated yogi-musician and author of Music and Mantras)

"Lovolution" is one of the best sacred chant albums I've had the pleasure to hear in 18 years of doing radio and playing great music. For those who truly wish to experience devotional heart music, this is the one.

Gary Goldberg

(host of WRPI’s “In The Spirit” radio show and “Gary’s Music Show”)

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